Imagine when light flows like water.

"Re-" is Shirley Guo's first experimental art film. This music video is based on her exclusive creative theory from Project Haze of utilizing optics to create art. Collaborated with the composer Yixin Huang, Shirley creates a magic universe of infinity exploring the possibilities of a mirrored world.


Running Time: 6 minutes

Production Country: USA

Completion Date: August 20, 2020

Director & Producer: Shirley Guo

Composer: Yixin Huang

Music Mixer: Maurizio Borgna

Special Thanks to Jay Sullivan.

​©️2020 Shirley Guo

About Project Haze

Initially inspired by a beautiful coincidence, I discovered this visual art when I captured some clips from a micro-world through my camera in late January 2020. After the first exploration, Project Haze was born.

The original footages are neither 3D-animated nor code-based but utilize optics and other principles of physics and are later partly animated with special effects. But they contain great randomness.


To achieve certain results and effects I desire, such as longer duration, speed control, changeable color, resolution improvement, stretching, and shrinking, I've spent months delving into a lot of research and tests. Eventually, I developed several approaches and had more control. Now it turns out to be an infinite project with a myriad of possibilities that I could spend my whole life on.

© 2020 Shirley Guo (Shirfine). All rights reserved.