Shirley Guo is a 2D animator, illustrator, and multimedia artist currently based in Rochester, NY. She is also known as Shirfine, an award-winning independent musician, who has received over 300,000,000 plays of the hit "Illusionary Daytimeon NetEase Music as of May 2020.


Under the pseudonym Shirfine, Shirley has been managing everything about her music since 2011 and got several nominations and awards. Four years later after receiving her B.E. in Digital Media Technology from Central China Normal University, she decided to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a storyteller and director with her enthusiasm for animations and films. Currently, she's working on her thesis "Island" to gain her animation M.F.A. from Rochester Institute of Technology. 


As a multi-talented artist, Shirley explores diverse ways of creating art aiming to tell the outer world about what she experiences, sees, and thinks, how she feels, and who she is. Expressing, creating, and loving are the whole meaning of her life.

Awards & Honors

  • 2020 "Illusionary Daytime"(Jul. 2020 to Jan. 2021): Shazam Charts Top 50 & Top 200 worldwide including Bolivia, Peru, South Korea, Mexico, Guatemala, Vietnam, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Tunisia, etc.

  • 2020 Albums: over 300,000,000 streams on NetEase Music (as of May 2020)

  • 2020 "Illusionary Daytime": over 223,000 comments on NetEase Music (as of May 2020)

  • 2019 "Illusionary Daytime": Spotify Official Vietnam Viral Chart Top 50 (No.26 on Oct. 24th, 2019) with over 1,000,000 streams as of May 2020

  • 2019 Albums: over 100,000,000 streams on NetEase Music (as of Sep. 2019)

  • 2014 Be nominated for Musicians of the Year at 2014 Douban Abilu Music Awards

  • 2013 Musicians of the Year at the 2013 Douban Abilu Music Award

  • 2013 Informally released single "Sweet Lies" (Mar. 05, 2013): over 220,000 plays on

  • 2012 Be nominated for Albums, Songs, and Musicians of the Year at the 2012 Douban Abilu Music Awards

  • 2012 "Imaginary Kiss" (Oct. 26, 2012 to Nov. 02, 2012): the 3rd spot of Sina Weekly Charts (Vol.35) and the 6th spot of Sina Weekly Charts (Vol.36)

  • 2010 First Prize in the Logo Design Competition for the Seventeenth "Challenge Cup" Debate Competition of CCNU


  • 2020 20emerging | Gallery Q Rochester, USA

  • 2019 Art Out | Bevier Gallery Rochester, USA

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